UX/UI Design Examples


Chloe Steinhoff-Smith UX/UI DESIGN Examples

I have been actively designing for UX/UI for the past 6 years. My clients have ranged from small businesses and start-ups, to largescale e-commerce, to big corporations. My experience allows me to design practical, responsive websites that bring out the best in the brands they represent, and stand the test of time for years to come. Below are some examples of my work. 



The Golden State Warriors partnered with Jackson Family Wines to create a wine club exclusively for their members. 

For this project, I was challenged to create a design that would simultaneously appeal to sports fans and wine aficionados, while helping the user clearly understand and navigate the process of joining the club and shopping for wines. 


High Quality is a marijuana dispensary in Corvallis, OR, that is specifically focused on helping its customers live life to its full potential, while being healthy and responsible. 

For this site, it was important to focus on the differences between HQ and other Oregon dispensaries, especially focusing on positivity and sincerity. 





EndRun Technologies is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of time & frequency products.  

The challenge for this project was to create an aesthetically interesting website for a highly technical company. The site needed to accurately reflect the precision and capability of EndRun, while also communicating complex information. 


Chroma.fund is a start-up that allows every-day individuals to strategically invest in businesses they believe in. 

The Chroma website needs to accurately reflect what the company does, while appealing to a savvy audience who is excited to try something new. The site needs to convey trustworthiness and technical know-how, as well as approachability.