Project Specs


Project Specifications



The Chion Experience will use mixed reality to help introduce users to outdoor experiences in their own urban environment. Explorers will use traditional navigation and wayfinding techniques to traverse the virtual “urban wilderness” of the Chion trail, venturing outside of the familiar and predictable, into the wilderness. They will use their mobile devices as a window into the natural world, as they are confronted by obstacles, views, experiences, and sounds from Zion merged with the city of Chicago.


  •  Logo and/or word mark
  • Comprehensive brand implementation strategy and style guide including typography, colors, imagery guidelines, iconography
  • Mapping and content strategy for multiple user cases
  • Complete custom UI system of elements, assets, interactions, and styles
  • UI style guide, including typography, color schemes, grids and measurements, button and icon styles, active states, explanation of interactions and micro-animations, prototypes, hierarchies, etc.


We understand that this project is unique, and involves uncharted territory for many involved. It will require flexibility, collaboration, and consistent communication. 

An important factor in the success of the Chion Experience will be the intuitive ease of the framework app. To accomplish this our process will start with branding the experience, using the brand as a foundation on which we build an overall style guide. 

Following the branding, a system of visual cues and UI elements will be constructed and appropriately applied to each uniquely defined interaction. 

It will be our goal to ensure that the user interface design integrates seamlessly into the AR experience. 

We feel confident in our ability to contribute to the success of this project. 


Time: 120 hrs./month for 3 months
Total Cost: $35,000