Project Specs


Project Specifications



You (Ara Lee) are a singer-songwriter with a unique voice and style that doesn't fit neatly into any one category. From your website, "Call it soul, call it folk, call it gospel, Ara sings like a woman with something to say, in a voice that makes you stop and listen, with lyrics that make you remember why you decided to be human once upon a time." 



You need a new wordmark (logotype) that more accurately reflects who you are as a musician. Your new branding should be strong and commanding to reflect your powerful voice and thoughtful lyrics. The mark should be modern and dynamic, while paying homage to your roots in gospel and choral music. 



We will work closely with you to translate your voice into a unique, thoughtful design. We understand how important and personal this kind of project can be for an artist. Our experience designing for creative entrepreneurs and other small businesses helps us understand how to communicate with you and manage your project effectively. We have been able to streamline a highly effective, intuitive process and create tools that meet our clients’ needs and enable them to reach their goals.