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Stage Three: Branded Collateral + Brand Guidelines

Using the final logo design and approved brand color palettes we will create the following for The Perlene:

  • Business Cards: A template for all employees
  • Email Signatures: A template for all employees
  • Formatted Logo: We will provide the logo in formats and layouts appropriate for social media, standard printed collateral, and the built environment (signage, window decals, etc.)
  • Branding Guidelines: This guide will help the Perlene create brand standards for logo usage, what kind of images to use with the brand, how best to apply brand colors. This will help you to make decisions for your branded materials in the future.

Deliverable:  Up to three business card options and email signature options + Finalized version of each. 

We will present up to three different layouts for the business cards, with explanations for our design decisions, refine and finalize your preferred direction, and prepare the files for print. 

Deliverable:  Finalized and prepped design styles. 

We will discuss some of the most likely scenarios in which you will need to adapt your branding, and create files formatted so that you can easily use them across a variety of media, including social media, your own website, printed collateral, and signage. 

Deliverable:  Finalized Brandguidelines

This guide will be a PDF document to help the Perlene create visual strategies so you can easily make decisions about how to apply your brand in different settings and situations. It includes: Standards for logo usage, what kind of images to use with the brand, explanations and examples of how to apply your color palette. 

If necessary, we will be available to make one round of changes to the brand guidelines based on your feedback. 


Earlier Event: December 16
Stage Two: Logo Design + Brand Colors