Basic Branding Package




This is a great package if you are new to the business and wanting to make an impression. We will be able to help you take off on the right foot grabbing the attention of your audience straight out the gate. Below is what you will receive and the process you can expect when working with us. 


  • One unique logo mark (.eps and .png)
  • One color palette for brand and branded collateral. 


  1. We will schedule a 1-hour consultation in person or via Skype to determine the direction of your project.
  2. Through structured processes your key audience, goals and essence of your brand will be identified. We will create a creative brief and final "look & feel" for sign-off to establish we are all on the same page. 

  3. Once approved, we will explore numerous logo versions and whittle them down to three black & white logos, and provide two color pallets, that most effectively meld together your audience, goals and "look & feel". 

  4. We will provide a form for written feedback, and if necessary, schedule a half hour call to review your logo and color options. 

  5. Based on your feedback we will spend the next week meticulously refining one logo direction and one color palette and submit it for review. During this phase you may make up to 1-hour of revisions. 

  6. The final logo will be provided in black & white and color along with a final color palette. At this point no alterations can be made other than minor color adjustments.

*During each step we will provide a detailed explanation of our process, including visual and written documentation of  our decisions and how we have worked to translate your vision and goals in our work.